Gower Attractions And Activities

Oxwich National Nature Reserve, Swansea

Oxwich National Nature Reserve lies along the south coast of Gower, approximately 11 miles from Swansea. There are beaches, sand dunes, lakes, woodlan

Kenfig National Nature Reserve

Kenfig National Nature Reserve, situated in Kenfig (Bridgend) is a great place known for being a Site of Special Scientific Interest. It includes the

Stargazing In Gower

It is said that Wales has some of the best skies in the country for stargazers over Gower. There are no modern intrusions or urban life disturbances o

Birdwatching Site: Gower Coast National Nature Reserve, Near Swansea, South Wales

There is a lovely beach in this nature reserve, but it is the tidal island of Worm's Head and the south-facing cliffs on the mainland that attract s

Whiteford National Nature Reserve in Swansea

Whiteford National Nature Reserve in Swansea is one of the must-visit places due to the nature and wildlife that it preserves and scenic views. It has

Sculpture on the Coast

Are you planning a getaway to Gower or Swansea? We have some interesting information to share with you so that you can plan your days accordingly. The

Cycling in Swansea Bay

Dylan Thomas, who was born in Swansea, described the city as an 'ugly, lovely town'. In the aftermath of the Second World War, much of it was rebuilt

Explore Nature And Wildlife In Swansea

Swansea is full of nature and wildlife where you can enjoy natural beauty, breathe in the fresh air, stretch your legs and entertain your children. Sw

Holiday cottages with a sea view in wales

It is a fact that the majority of people in this world are working more hours and taking less time off for family and themselves. This is leading to v

Swansea- The Emerging Tourist Destination in UK

Swansea, the second-largest city in Wales and being a coastal city, is emerging as one of the top travel destinations. It is a seaside situated, vibra

Pet Friendly Holiday Cottages UK

Give yourself a break! If you are planning your next trip to Port Eynon, be prepared for some warm love. You might find yourself on a beach, taking a

Summer School Holidays: Swansea, Port Eynon

Summer comes with school holidays, ice creams, candies and refreshing cold drinks. After a pandemic, even children want a break from routine lives and

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