Explore an amazing cave at Port Eynon- Culver Hole

Explore an amazing cave at Port Eynon- Culver Hole

Culver hole, the most illustrated caves of Gower Peninsula is a curiosity for many visitors. A tall and narrow cave has its long history and walled up to guard many slippery stairways and floors.

The word “culver” is derived from old English word “culufre”, meaning dove or pigeon. The term Culverhouse is even used in some parts of the UK, Britain to betoken a dovecote.

Culver Hole cave gives access to the top of the section by a stone staircase but it looks like a odd structure. Some 60 feet stonework with doors and windows were built nicely fitted into the rocky crack in the 1800s.

According to local legends, the Culver Hole cave is built by the pirate, John Lucas with the purpose of hiding his booty. To connect cave with his salt house on the side of the cliffs, he also constructed a passageway. It is also home for thousands of pigeons called dovecote.

You will feel the history of place by crawling inside and enjoy seeing all the historic dovecote. This place is only accessible on low tides from Overton or past the youth hostel at Port Eynon with steep declined to hole.

Explore Culver hole, a historic cave with many uncertain historic stories. Book your cottages with us to stay comfortably after a long day voyage of historic cave.  

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