Explore One of The Best Sandy Beach at Swansea Gower

Explore One of The Best Sandy Beach at Swansea Gower

Broughton Bay is located in the north side, the Gower Peninsula. Broughton Bay is a beautiful sandy beach. Dunes and a large beach back it. The most exciting thing about the beach is sand, sands are shifting continuously, and beachcombers may find many interesting things here. Recently an ancient handle of the sword of the 17th century was founded. It shows that some Roman settlers and Paleolithic men were lived in the caves around northern side cliffs. Car parking facilities are available at both the ends of the beach. Car parking id nearby 400m away from the bay. So, for the people who don’t like to walk or some elders who cannot cross this distance on foot may have problems.

At low tides, travelers can visit the southern side of the beach. Southside of Broughton Bay is full of small coves. Be careful because when waves are in, it can be dangerous. SO, the southern part of the beach is not for water activities and swimming or surfing. In the south part, there is Loughor Estuary, shifting sands, and fast tides make this beach somehow dangerous. Broughton Bay is known to be a tranquil spot as there is no lifeguard available on the beach. So, even if you visit Broughton bay in beautiful sunny weather, be careful always.

Facilities Included:

Car parking facilities (paid)

Seasonal food shop

Good for water sports

Dogs are welcome throughout the year

Things to do at Broughton Bay:

Walking along the seaside with dog

Playing ball with the dog

Swimming in low tide only

Explore the natural views around the cliffs


Attraction Of Broughton Bay:

Broughton Bay is the best beach to enjoy walking. Moreover, this bay is dog-friendly, so your pet would love to walk with you as well. Three are many walking trails, and events are arranged for tourists. You can explore nearby places and man historic caves and cliffs while walking along the seaside.

Park Run- Broughton Bay

The best way to reach hidden sights of any place is to have the guidance of local people. In the park run at Broughton bay, tourists can also participate. It is the best opportunity for visitors to interact with local people and to know more about the local culture and food at street corners. Local communities arrange park run on Saturday morning. Park run can be of 5km to 10 km run.

Moreover, it’s free. Visitors have to register themselves on the website to track the time of park run and progress of their activities. Park run, at Broughton bay, is started from jetty and ends at the north part of the beach.

Port Broughton Heritage Centre:

In your free time, if you want to visit the town, the Port Broughton Heritage Centre visit is worthwhile. Port Broughton Heritage Centre is located in the building of an old school. Treats of eyes such as historical photos, life, culture, doll collection, machinery, and including old newspapers, visitors love to have such experience. Heritage is open on Thursday and Tuesday, between 1 PM to 3 PM. It is not required to follow the time rules strictly. If you accidentally reach the heritage center and if it is closed, you can call on the numbers given on signboards to arrange your visit.

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