Explore the lonely, quiet and secluded hidden gem of Gower- Pobbles Bay

Explore the lonely, quiet and secluded hidden gem of Gower- Pobbles Bay

Pobbles Bay is located to the east of the unique headland of Three Cliffs Bay. Limestone cliffs and dunes surround Pobbles Bay Beach. Take a walk at the seaside shore from Bay to Three Cliffs Bay, Oxwich Bay, and Tor Bay at low tides. Access is via walking through send dunes from Southgate. Southgate has car parking, fresh rooms, and coffee shops facilities. A public footpath is available starting at Pennard Golf Club to Pobbles Bay, but car parking is not available.

Dogs are allowed, but this beach is not accessed by a wheelchair. It is somehow a secluded beach because travellers will not find any shop, or parking near the beach, but it is a litter-free beach. Visitors enjoy water sports and other activities on coast. When the tide is out, you can get alternative parking facility to park in Parkmill. From there, you can walk across Pennard Burrows and past Three Cliffs Bay.

Facilities Include:

  • Car Parking at Southgate
  • Nearest Toilet Facilities
  • Coffee Shops and Pubs


Things to do at Pobbles Bay

  • Walkthrough the beach
  • Enjoy spectacular surrounding of pointed limestones and sand
  • Explore the secret beach
  • Play and walk with your four-legged pet
  • Swimming at low tides
  • Water sports, Fishing, and Surfing


Attraction of Pobbles Bay

Pobbles Beach, secluded and quiet, is also known as the hidden gem of Gower. Loneliness lovers never forget to visit Pobbles Bay on the Gower trip.

Three Cliffs Bay

Three Cliffs Bay beach offers wilder expertise. Image a spectacular bound of sand dunes, salt marsh, and after all, the signature three-stone cliffs. A beautiful part of the Gower Coast Path and an excellent spot to prevent for a picnic. The bay indeed consists of many smaller beaches and coves together with Pobbles Bay to the east and Tor Bay to the west. while separated at high water, these beaches are often reached from one another by foot at low water over the sands.

Pennard Castle

Pennard Castle's scenario is dramatic and delightful. The castle is tiny and rather inexpertly designed, with a curtain wall around a yard. It incorporated up-to-date components like the twin-towered house; however, they were in-built an unprofessional means, with very little understanding of their real purpose or construction. The circular trace of the curtain wall follows the road of the sooner ringwork bank except on the North, wherever the bottom falls steeply below. Here the wall is well preserved, standing to bulwark height in places, and is especially spectacular from the surface.


Pobbles Bay is not for disabled people. Public transports are far away, and dogs are welcome all round the year. There are no shops, refreshments or parking facilities locally available.

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