Explore The Picturesque Bay at Swansea Gower- Pwlldu Bay

Explore The Picturesque Bay at Swansea Gower- Pwlldu Bay

Pwlldu Bay is a pebbly bay which if the best knows to be romantic and picturesque. In Gower, it is the only foot accessible beach. Visitors need to walk 20 minutes from Brandy Cove to reach the dPwlldu bay. It is also reachable through Pennard. Pwlldu Bay is approximately 1 hour away from the Bishopston. As Pwlldu bay is a dog-friendly bay, visitors enjoy to walk and roam around with their favourite four-legged friend. There are no such facilities, but you can find car parking, toilets and shops nearby the beach area.  

The world Pwlldu denotes for black pool. Visitors never forget to add this beach in the list of their contemporary holiday destination. Enjoy exceptional bird watching in the early morning with sunshine or with the orange sky in the evening. The path of Pwlldu bay leads to High Pennard and Hunts Bay to the west. A footpath from Pennard leads towards Pobbles bay. While the pathway to the east leading towards Swansea takes visitors to Brandy Cove. Pebble bank and limestone cliffs are unusual parts of the beach. Pebbles block the stream, and there it builds a pool behind the Pwlldu beach. This pool area is safe for swimmers.


Facilities Included:


Nearby parking facilities available at Caswell, Pennard, and Bishopton

Dog-friendly (No seasonal bend)

Nearest toilets facilities are available at Pennard and Caswell.


Things to do at Pwlldu Bay


Bird watching

Exploring wonderful romantic views


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