Explore the quiet, historical and sunny beach of Gower, Swansea - Caswell Beach

Explore the quiet, historical and sunny beach of Gower, Swansea - Caswell Beach

Caswell Beach, located at the Eastern end of Oak Island, is a place of a dash of history, quiet and sunny town. Travellers who want a quiet and peaceful vacation come here to spend their holidays on the charming Casswell Beach. The small community tucked away on the eastern edge of Oak Island is full of charm and shoreline to go around. It is a family-friendly holiday destination.


The Atlantic Ocean borders Caswell Beach to the South and separates it from the North through Intracoastal waterways. In the east has Bald Head Island and, in the West, has Holden Beach. Caswell Town is expanded in just a 4.1-mile square area and has 400 residents. This small island is home to a popular Christian retreat, Fort Caswell, and North California Baptist Assembly.


Facilities Include:

  • Seasonal Lifeguard
  • Places to Eat and Drink
  • Phone and Mobile Network
  • Water Sports
  • Disabled Access
  • Car Parking
  • Toilets
  • Seasonal Dog Ban


Things to do at Caswell Beach

  • Collect beautiful shells at low tide
  • Climb 133 steps of the ladder to explore Oak Island Lighthouse
  • Play golf at Oak Island Golf Club
  • Walk along the shore in the early morning
  • Lie on the beach and soak up the sun on lonely beaches


Attractions of Caswell Beach

Quiet nature and peaceful landscape make the Caswell Beach the most refreshing beach.


Oak Island Lighthouse

Oak Island Lighthouse is in the Caswell beach town. Lighthouse was built and lit up for the first time in 1958. Since 2004, local people are managing the Oak Island Lighthouse, and still, the lighthouse is very clean and like a new one. Travelers notice this lighthouse because of its tower-like straight aesthetic. Three color boxes of black, off-white, and grey paint make it more attractive. It is 153’ tall, and on the top of the lighthouse, there is 11’ tall glass and aluminium light encloser. It illuminates the Cape Fear with the second most powerful beacon in the world. Oak Island can be seen far from 16’ mile distance as it is located in the centre of the city. Book 2 weeks or four weeks in summer in advance to visit Oak Island Lighthouse.


Oak Island Golf Club

Oak Island Gulf Club greets tourists to a coastal Carolina golfing experience. The Oak Island Golf Club options 18-hole, 6,720-yard George Cobb designed links that are sandwiched in between the Intracoastal Waterway and, therefore, the Atlantic Ocean. Families, tournaments, leagues, and daily-fee golfers square measure all welcome at the Oak Island Golf Club, and consequently also options a well-liked on-site eating place, Duffer’s public house & Grill. Inbuilt 1962, the links have been stated together of the “Hidden Gems” for golfers in the southern North geographic region. A full observe facility complete with sand traps, green, and practice range is additionally on the market on-site to assist golfers to fine-tune their game.


Guards protect Caswell Beach from May to September, and dogs are not allowed in these months. Special care is taken to protect turtles and their eggs to save the environment. It is the best tourist destination for family or water sports lovers.

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