Gower Peninsula near Swansea – First area of the outstanding natural beauty of UK

Gower Peninsula near Swansea – First area of the outstanding natural beauty of UK

Swansea is a region and city on the south coast of Wales. Updated warehouse with glass and slate extension features coal-industry articles. In the market of Swansea, one can buy crafts, local produce, and other things.

Gower Peninsula or Gower is at just distance of short drive from Swansea. Since 1956, Gower is identified as the first area of the outstanding natural beauty of the United Kingdom. Visit Gower, a geological goldmine for sandy beaches, limestone cliffs to golden, wild moors, and sprinklings beaches. This 180sq km paradise is so adored by bird watchers, walkers, surfers, and sunbathers.

Here are some beautiful sites to visit and enjoy different activities.

Worm’s head

One of the most iconic places in Gower. The word ‘worm’ originated for ‘sea serpent’ from the Viking. Don’t forget to check tides information which is displayed on a board near the boardwalk while walking out to Worm’s head. Walking through pathways is an extraordinary adventure on a hot sunny day.

The Star Beaches

Golden sands spread over three miles features towering cliffs. Worm’s head at one end and on the other hand is dune and authentic shipwreck in between. You can enjoy updrafts on Rhossili Downs and paragliders ridge-soaring in summer. Three Cliffs Bay is not preferred for swimming, but it is a just natural beauty see water streams running through hills.

Easy Beaches for children

Caswell and Langland are the two beaches on the way from Mumbles to Gower. These are the most accessible beaches with little toddlers. Tourists may have all the trimmings they need like food, ice-cream, parking, toilets, and shops. It gives pleasure while coastal walking. Port Eynon, along the peninsula, provides the same joy with the same facilities.

The Secret Beaches

Behind the Three Cliffs, there is a pretty beach of Pobbles Bay. Worm’s land and Rhossili overshadow Mewslade. Blue Pool Bay is the least visited place because one can reach there after crossing dunes from Broughton Bay on the northwest corner. Wild swimmers love the Blue Pool Bay, a natural flowing plunge-pool.


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