Gower walking tours

Gower walking tours

Walking the Gower Coast Path

The Gower is widely celebrated for its natural beauty, but the landscape is rich in heritage too. While admiring the breathtaking view from the Cefn Bryn ridge which dominates the Gower landscape, you'll be able to follow traces of Bronze Age worship, amongst them the ceremonial Arthur's Stone. Fossils found in this area established the study of the Cambrian Period of prehistoric history (Cambria being the Latin form of Cymru - the Welsh word for Wales).

As you descend the ridge you'll be able to reach Broad Pond, a freshwater pool with a unique acidic environment which attracts amphibians and wetland birds. This is typical of a place which is characterised by its harmonious blend of landscape, nature and history.

Rhossili Bay on the west coast of the peninsula is the most famous of the local sites, with its dramatic promontory at Worm's Head and tidal beach sweeping across the landscape. That makes it an excellent starting point for exploring the area further, perhaps by climbing the steep stairs to the picturesque Old Rectory to follow the Wales Coastal Path, or by wandering over to the peaceful Mewslade Bay-only accessible by low tide.

 Award-Winning Coastline

There's no better place to appreciate the tidal landscape than Three Cliffs Bay, with its continually changing maze of pools, dunes and marshes dominated by three majestic limestone cliffs jutting out into the sea. From there it's a stone's throw to the the many secluded bays that the south coast is dotted with. They will appeal to those seeking remoteness and shelter - and they did so historically too, with nearby caves attracting 18th century bootleggers. With us you can follow the trail of their illicit 'business activities' and visit the self-explanatory Brandy Cove.

The historically inclined can follow a trail linking the many castles scattered across the peninsula, taking in fortified manor houses and imposing ruins, while the sprawling marshy landscape of Llanrhidian Sands abounds in wildlife and will dazzle even seasoned birdwatchers. With us you'll be able to explore all this and more at your own pace, and be able to truly enjoy and understand an area so rich in natural and cultural heritage.

For more information or advice on walking the Gower Coast Path, please call our walk team  today –  they will be delighted to help you with your holiday plans.

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