Port Eynon- A village with townlets of Scurlage and Overton

Port Eynon- A village with townlets of Scurlage and Overton

Port Eynon, an extreme southern point of the Gower Peninsula. The port name honors the tenth century Welsh Prince, Einon or Owain.

Port Eynon Bay is sandy, safe, and award-winning and suitable for aquatic sports. It is noted for being wild and rugged in nature, but it is safe for families to enjoy lots of activities in the water. Lord Mayor Loan Richard said, “It is a safe and beautiful area.”

Awarded by the Cadbury Flake 99 Great British Beach Award, Port Eynon is described as the most precious seasides. It becomes the perfect British gateway with a mixture of family fun, idyllic village, and stunning landscape. Possessing both Seaside and Blue Flag Awards, Port Enion has on-duty lifeguard from May to September.

Port Eynon provides car park about 100m far from the beach. Beach shower, public and accessible toilets are nearby the seasides. Public Transport of the post makes refreshments available to visitors. The dog is banned seasonally in some parts of the beach.

Shopping creatures love the beach as the most extensive collection of shops available at seasides of the beach. Visitors can find fashionable beach wears and the traditional variety like ‘spade and bucket’ at surfwear shop, fish and chips portals, and ice-cream parlor.

In summer days, people can have the fun of camping, caravans, tents, and bungalows at sea sites.

Youth Hostel Association (YHA) has developed a well-facilitated hostel building that provides cost-effective accommodation to vacationers. It is also a lifeboat station to save people in hard situations. The lifeguards are protecting the beach to assist any emergency while tourists are enjoying at the beach.  

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