singleton park botanical gardens swansea

singleton park botanical gardens swansea

Singleton Botanical Park is the garden house for a wildflower garden, a collection of premier plants with borders of herbaceous plants. Visitors can enjoy the visit of Singleton Botanical Garden almost for all months of the year. From March to October mid, herbaceous borders are bloomed and look fantastic. Furthermore, different glasshouses provide shelters, even in the inclement weather. So, the garden offers a beautiful sight even in the winter season.

Singleton Park was owned by a Vivian family that was wealthy in 1919. But the Swansea Corporation had brought the place for public use in the same year, 1919. Later on, the garden was developed as an educational garden with British flora and some industrial plants. Swansea Corporation renamed the garden as Botanical Garden in 1991.

Visitors can find some nationally essential plants, including mature trees and herbaceous borders. Furthermore, tourists can also find pretty specimens of exotic and rare plants in this park. In 2017, the park was changed entirely with herb garden, rock garden, and wildflower garden.

However, the garden still secures some ancient trees planted in 1920. Like, a 40-meter-wide border of double herbaceous and other such plants are still there in the park with some little changes. Authorities had constructed the aluminum glasshouses on the site in 1990. The aluminum glasshouses were large enough for wooden Tropical and Show glasshouses, but they were not safe.

Cactus house includes the cactus plants from the desert region, and the Temperate house contains plants of the Mediterranean region. While Economic House consists of plants that have commercial use, and they were brought from all over the world. Tropical House is for the forest plants, and the temperature of this house is maintained above 12 degrees C. Plants of forest can survive easily in the Tropical House.

Also, the Singleton Botanical Garden is spacious so that people can move around, relax, and can get inspiration from the green plants from different regions. There are plenty of bench sitting arrangements for people to sit. Furthermore, the signboards and labels at different places or houses guide the visitors with the path to go ahead and information regarding the plants.


Opening Time:

Admission: free

March – April:  10.00am – 4.30pm

January – February: 10.00am – 3.30pm

October: 10.00am – 4.30pm

May – September:  10.00am – 6.00pm

November – December

Opening Information

Pedestrian Entrances To Botanical Gardens:

Enter the Singleton  Botanical Gardens at Swiss cottage, North gate, West gate, or in the buttressed wall.

Bus: services 10, 21, 22, 20,  at Brynmill Lane

Car parking:

Sketty Cross Public Carpark

Blue Badge parking only available from Gower Road at the opening SA2 9BY


The Botanical Gardens

Singleton Park




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