Top 15 Dog-Friendly Beaches In Swansea Gower

Top 15 Dog-Friendly Beaches In Swansea Gower

Dog lovers always want there for a legged friend with then on trips. They want to spend time with dogs, running with them, walking with them, and playing on the beach with balls on the sand. Some crazy dog lovers buy goggles and cap for their dogs and take lots of stylist selfies with their dogs. How amazing! There are beautiful beaches at Swansea that welcome the dogs for all months of the year.

The stunning golden coastline of the beaches at Swansea is the best place to enjoy holidays in the shining sunlight. Well, every place where you go may not allow your best friends, dogs to visit. Many of the beaches allow dogs for only specific months of the year, and some beaches will enable the whole dog year. Furthermore, if you take your dogs on the beaches in limited time, you have to pay the fine nearly $500. Before planning your holidays know the details of all dog-friendly beaches in this article.

Beaches That Welcomes Dogs In Specific Months (May 1 To September 30)

Port Eynon

Casswell Beach

Langland Beach

Bracelet Beach

Limeslade Beach

Swansea Bay

Rothers Land

Beaches That Welcomes Dogs All Round The Year

Broughton Bay: It is located in the northwestern tip of Gower

Crawley Beach: Visitors can reach this beach via accessing the Penmaen footpath and Crawley Woods

Horton Beach: From the Gower’s Southcoast it is located near the Port Eynon Bay

Llangennith Beach: This beach is situated on the eastern edge of Gower

Mewslade Bay: It is on the west coast of Gower

Mumbles: This beach is at the Western side of Swansea Bay

Oxwich Bay: It is situated in the south coast of Gower

Pobbles: On the Gower’s South coast, it is on the Three Cliffs Bay

Port Eynon Bay Beach: West to Salt House, Gower

Rhossili Bay: Southwestern tip of the Swansea Gower

Three Cliff Bays: It is located on the south coast of Gower

Tor Bay: It is on the Eastern finish of Oxwich Bay

Whiteford Sends: It is the Gower’s Northern side

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